The name "KABA" Bulldogs was created using the first initial of each of our grandchildren's first names (Kaleigh, Alana, Blake, & Amelia.
However, since our kennel name was created, we have now added 3 more precious little grandchildren to our family, and unfortunately, the parents did not
use names with a K, A or B...  but it is too late to change our name now!!  We are very family oriented and hope you can see from our pictures that we truly
care about how our dogs and puppies are raised.   

Every website claims a dedication to breeding healthy, top quality bulldogs and states that they are striving to improve the breed.
Would anyone actually profess to anything less? Would you be interested in or trust a breeder that did not declare their total commitment to only producing
and showing the best? Every bulldog enthusiast has our own ideas as to what qualities make up the "perfect" bulldog. There are many respectable
breeders, handlers, and judges in the bulldog world and all have contributed significantly in creating our beloved bulldogs through their dedication,
knowledge, experience, and also, unfortunately, their failures.  We occasionally breed, to hopefully produce our next show ring prospect, however, not all
puppies are show prospects, so we might have a puppy or a young adult available for adoption.   We carefully screen each family prior to placing any of our
puppies to ensure it's the best possible puppy for your home.   However, please be very sure that you understand all the unique needs of a bulldog and
know that you are getting a bulldog from a reputable and responsible breeder before you decide to make a bulldog a part of your family.

KABA  wants to be recognized for producing and showing only healthy, top quality bulldogs.   We also feel that the quality that sets us apart from many
other breeders is our very close relationship with our dogs; they are members of our family. At home our dogs are always at our sides whether we are
watching TV, doing the laundry, or having dinner. They are a very important part of our lives and that, to us, is the best way to build and develop
a healthy and loving personality in a dog. We are convinced that a dog who feels a bond with their owner will be happier and healthier.

Breeders need to be responsible for not only breeding healthy dogs, but also for building the foundation necessary to raise a loving,
caring, and well adjusted dog. Most any dog can be trained to be shown, walk on a leash, or follow commands, but as devoted dog lovers and bulldog
owners we feel it is extremely important to take the responsibility for "raising a physically healthy litter" a step further. Socializing a puppy and raising it
to be an outgoing, trusting, and loving pet is just as necessary as providing food, water, and medical requirements  Here is a link to the Bulldog Club of
America list of Bulldog health issues.  PLEASE review it and become educated on the many bulldog health issues that "can" occur.

Please take your time browsing our site as we continually have new pictures and other updates added, so check back often! We take a lot of pride in our
accomplishments in the dog show ring, but we strongly feel that a bulldog should first and foremost be the champion
of one's heart.

We welcome email inquiries. (  or
Dr. Randy Carpenter
Simply the BEST Bulldog vet in Michigan,
or anywhere, as far as we are concerned!!
Dr. Randy Carpenter, simply the best vet ever !!
"He is your friend, your partner, your
defender, your dog.
You are his life, his love, his leader.  He will
be yours, faithful and true to the last beat of
his heart.  You owe it to him to be worthy of
such devotition.

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